We are so excited you will be joining us
This page is your go to resource as you prepare for your time at Find Your Focus. If you have any questions, please contact Cris or Deanna.  


MAY 24-31, 2024

Attendee info

IMPORTANT: Your will be responsible for your travel from your location to Bozeman, MT and back. To be eligible for this free transportation, your incoming flight to Bozeman, MT(NZN) must to arrive before 3:00pm MST May 24th and depart no earlier than 11:30am MST Friday May 31st.
We will Be departing The ranch at approximately 9:00am on the final day. Please make flight and travel arrangements accordingly. Bozeman airport supports United, American, Southwest and Delta airlines.
You will also be responsible for gate fees, liquor, gifts, souvenirs, some meals, snacks and personal items.  By registering for 'Find your Focus' you have therein agreed to the terms and conditions listed on this website. 


TRAVEL details

Friday May 24- Arrive to Bozeman. 
Explore the Ranch
Opening program and Dinner at the Ranch


tentative itinerary

Saturday May 25- Morning at the ranch
Breakfast at the Lodge
Travel to Gardiner for Hell’s A Roaring Trail Drive
Local Festival Lunch
Dinner at Ranch - Group Picture


Sunday May 26- Lamar valley
Trout Lake (1.5 miles 250 ft elevation change)
Lunch in Cooke City
Yellowstone Picnic Trail (3 miles 200 ft elevation change).
Sunset and Dinner Slough Creek


Monday May 27- Sleep In- 10am
Beaver Ponds (6 miles 764 ft elevation change)
Image Cafe  
Early BBQ Dinner at the Ranch


Tuesday May 28- Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Hayden Valley
West Yellowstone Bears
Norris Basin
Pizza Dinner in Gardiner


Wednesday May 29- Fairy Falls
(6 miles flat)
Old Faithful Area
Lunch in Old Faithful Area
Madison River
Norris Geyser Basin


Thursday May 30- Mammoth to Norris Road
Sheepeaters Canyon
Image Cafe
Dinner and Closing reception at the Ranch


Friday May 31 -Return to Boseman


Gear: We will have loaner gear* 
-Arlington Camera is the gear provider
assortment of lenses. 24-300mm range  
-Tripod—perhaps more than a light travel tripod
-FILTERS - ND* (Varying densities), Graduated ND, Polarizer
-Laptop to download images (card reader)
-Weather resistant backpack
-Water bottle
-Media, chargers and cords

what to bring

Clothing: Below are a few of the suggested items
- Smartwool or technical material is preferred.
- Trail Shoes (2 of 2 pairs—Gore-tex/waterproof)
- Waterproof or Weather Resistant Camera Bag with Waterproof Cover.
- Gore-Tex (or similar) breathable membrane waterproof hardshell jacket
- Sunglasses, Sunscreen and Chap Stick
- Packable Down Jacket
- Trail Tights or Hiking Pants
- Watch or timing device
- Gloves (2 pair are recommended) 
- Technical material socks, underwear and base layers.

click here for a packing list

✓ Camera Gear that can be carried in a backpack or shoulder bag.
✓ Camera body, Back-up Camera,
✓ Lenses- normal, wide, telephoto, macro- You will want to cover a 24mm-300mm range
✓ Fresh batteries, battery chargers, car chargers - don’t forget specialty batteries you may need
✓ Memory cards, card reader, USB drive
✓ Tripod - Monopod - Remember mounting Plates
✓ Flash (no studio lighting allowed) Not used much
✓ Filters- ND, graduated ND, polarizer,
✓ Cable release.
✓ Casual clothing. For travel and nightly fireside chats and seminars.
✓ Swimsuit
✓ Technical clothing. Waterproof jackets, gloves, hoods, hats. Dress in layers. Temps will range from 30s to 70s while shooting. Hand warmers are great for your hands as well as keeping batteries fresh.
✓ Good underwear and socks. Moisture wicking material preferred like Smart wool
✓ Sports Shield or other anti-chaffing material
✓ Comfortable shoes. We will be hiking so water resistant and slip resistant shoes are ideal. Water proof Trail shoes or hiking boots preferred.
✓ Rain gear. Jackets, hoods, and plastic bags to protect yourself and your equipment.
✓ Hiking Poles - Eddie Bauer Collapsible
✓ Flashlight with extra batteries- Head lamps that have a red light option are preferred.
✓ Laptop computer. Computer power adapter
✓ Post Production Software loaded on your computer
✓ Notebook/Pen - You will want to remember all you learned.
✓ Insect Repellent. You can purchase bear spray in MT
✓ Spending money. $25 cash for Horse Drive Dinner. You will be responsible for some meals, liquor, gate fees and/or gift items. Most park locations accept major credit cards. Limited ATM access
✓ Toiletries.
✓ Prescription drugs.
✓ Sunscreen and Lip Balm.
✓ OTC Medication. These items are available in Gardiner
✓ First-Aid supplies - bandages, antibiotic cream, insect bite ointment
✓ Emergency contact information. Just in case
✓ A positive attitude.
✓ A healthy appetite

Please try to pack in One large Suitcase, one small personal bag and one Equipment bag. Space is limited in Vans. You may have to carry smaller bags in your lap to and from Airport


what to bring packing list